Tyler Florence

Homemade Taco Night

Ever since moving into my new home, my friends have gladly come over each weekend to cook an awesome meal together. I love cooking with friends. My friend is doing a pretty paleo diet along with cross fit. He mentioned plantain tortillas so we tried that, as well as a lot more home made Mexican […]

Watermelon Gazpacho With Chile and Feta Cheese

It has been super hot this weekend, and it makes me want to eat nothing but chilled food. I’ve made Tyler Florence’s Watermelon Gazpacho with Chile and Feta Cheese from Tyler’s Ultimate Cookbook a couple times now. This super easy and tasty recipe could be be more suitable for this hot weather. It’s tomato and water melon […]

Baked Rigatoni with Eggplant & Pork Sausage

Here is a recipe for a baked pasta with pork sausage and eggplants from Tyler Florence’s cook book. This was a very rich and meaty pasta, it’s very comforting, perfect for this time of the year.

Tyler Florence’s Chicken and Coconut Paella

This summer I started a tiny obsession with paellas and tried out a couple recipes. This was around the same time that I got Tyler Florence’s cookbook and in it there was a Chicken and Coconut Paella recipe.

Tyler Florence’s Velvet Potato Puree

Ever since I had Pommes Puree at McLean’s, I’ve been looking out for it on menus. It was so delciously creamy and buttery. I found a recipe in Tyler Florence’s Ultimate cook book and decided to cook it with a roast that I made. I really like this cookbook a lot, and Beipas and I […]

Tyler’s Ultimate Carbonara

So a few months ago, when Beipas and I decided we wanted to cook more, we picked master chef’s. Beipas chose Tyler Florence (I chose Bobby Flay after he beat Michael Smith on Iron Chef) and shortly after we each ordered one our master chefs’ cook books from Amazon.

Tyler Florence’s Ultimate Fried Chicken

…with cous cous de blah blah? No. Just fried chicken! This past weekend we had our comfort food weekend which we’ve been planning for a while. For our protein we made fried chicken using Tyler Florence’s (Beipas’ master chef) recipe which can be found on the Food Network’s website. I don’t know if this recipe […]

Comfort Food Adventure!

This past weekend we finally had our Comfort Food day after about a month of wanting to do it, and I think we learned quite a bit. We made Tyler Florence’s (Ultimate) Fried Chicken Ina Garten’s (The Barefoot Contessa) Macaroni & Cheese Giada De Laurentiis’ Bread Pudding with Amaretto Sauce all found on the FoodNetwork’s […]

Chunky Guacamole is the Ultimate Guacamole

Level: Easy I made this when we were making fajitas along with the MePlusFood Salsa. I never made guacamole from scratch, so I went on a searched for the recipe on the Food Network website. I decided on Tyler Florence’s Chunky Guacamole. After having such a success at making Tyler’s Chicken with Orange, I knew […]

Chicken breasts with Orange, Olives and New Potatoes

Difficulty: Easy This weekend I made Tyler Florence’s Chicken breasts with orange, olives and potatoes for the MePlusFood team at our visit here in Washington. I decided to make this dish because I love Tyler and the picture of the recipe looked good on Tyler Florence’s website and in his book Stirring the Pot.