Michael Smith

Lemon Fennel Slaw

I want to try preparing dishes with ingredients that I hardly use. Fennel is one of them, and Michael Smith’s Chef at Home cook book has a really simple recipe called Lemon Fennel Slaw.

Southwestern Sweet Potato Soup

When looking through my cookbooks, I try to find stuff that is simple, and stuff that I have some ingredients for so I don’t have to spend so much, and also get rid of anything that may go bad in the fridge. I was planning to make a paleo soup for my friend with sweet […]

Asian Cucumber Mint Salad

I wanted to make Michael Smith’s Asian Cucumber Salad from his Best of Chef at Home because it was simple and I only needed to buy a few extra ingredients.

Michael Smith’s Herb-Roasted Potatoes

I need a quick easy potato dish for Thanksgiving dinner last night, so I went with Chef Michael Smith’s Herb-Roasted Potatoes from his The Best of Chef at Home cookbook. All I did was look at the list of ingredients and decided to make it. Really simple, and not too much labour.

Michael Smith’s Hummus

It was a battle between Michael Smith and Bobby Flay on Iron Chef to determine who would be my master chef. Bobby Flay won, and so I bought his book Bobby Flay’s Mesa Grill Cookbook: Explosive Flavors from the Southwestern Kitchen, but all I’ve cooked from it are green onion mashed potatoes (which were very […]