Zog’s Dogs, I just can’t get enough

I just got back from a really awesome trip to Whistler, and I did not leave without my beloved Zog’s Dogs. I love this place so much, I am writing a second review for them.

Zog’s opens from 8AM – 2:30AM! Wow, if I had known from the night before, I totally would’ve came out at 2AM to grab a hot dog. I was there at 8AM today for a breakfast before heading out to snowboarding. I didn’t know they server breakfast either! I ordered a Breakfast Wrap, which had scrambled eggs, potatoes, and salsa. No, no hot dogs in there, although that would not be a bad idea. The wrap was big, warm and nicely grilled on the outside. It’s a really hearty breakfast to start out your day at the slopes. My friend had a Farmer’s Breakfast Wrap, which had all the ingredients in the Breakfast Wrap and with sausages. He enjoyed it a lot too.

After my day at the slope, I went over to Zog’s to get a hot dog right away. It was as good as I remembered. Costing $4.75 for a regular hot dog with all beef hot dog, grilled buns, unlimited sautéed onions and condiments, this is definitely the best cheap food you will find in Whistler. So, glorious.

Out of all times I’ve been to Zogs, I’ve always stuck to the regular hot dog, because that was already delicious enough for me. They also have a big selection of specialty hot dogs. My friend today, got a Zog’s Dog. Yes, a hot dog with the same name as its restaurant name. It was hot dog with spaghetti sauce and mozzarella cheese on it. It looked really messy and monstrous, and also it got a bit disastrous to eat, but it was really tasty too.

Next time you go Whistler, grab one of these hot dogs, seriously.

Note: Cash only! All prices are tax included.

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Zog’s Dogs
4340 Sundial Cres
Whistler, BC V0N1B4
(604) 938-6644
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