Zephyr Cafe

On our way to Whistler Bungee for Beipas’ birthday jump we stopped by Zephyr Cafe in Squamish. It seemed like a pretty popular place as it was filled. It’s also known for its vegetarian options, but it wasn’t a completely vegetarian restaurant.

I ordered a Canadiano and a breakfast bagel with ham, spinach, egg, and cheddar, as did one of my other friends. The bagels were made earlier in the day and kept on display to heat up when ordered. It was a bit weird because even though me and my friend ordered the same thing, ours looked different. Stupidly, it was only because mine was upside down. The bagel was toasted before serving to make the bagel crisp, and melt the cheese. It was pretty good, but not spectacular.

At Waves, I think a Canadiano is just an Americano, but since we are in Canada they changed the name. At Zephyr Cafe, a Canadiano has Maple Syrup to sweeten it, because what’s more Canadian than that right? I think I prefer plain espresso and water though, as the Maple Syrup gave it a different kind of sweetness that I’m not that big of a fan of. It also probably should of stirred it because most of the syrup just sank to the bottom giving a really sweet last few sips.

Our other friends ordered a bacon, egg, and cheese English muffin. Can’t really remember what Beipas ordered, but she really enjoyed it. It had medium poached eggs with zucchini, spinach, and ricotta cheese over a vegetable patty with tomatoes on the side.

Though popular, and with lots of vegetarian options, nothing really stood out for me at Zephyr. The staff was very friendly though, and seemed like a relaxing place to grab a bite with some friends.

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Zephyr Cafe
38084 Cleveland Ave
Squamish, BC

(604) 567-4568


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