Wings Restaurants & Pubs, Langley

It’s always fun to watch the Canucks game on TV with some beer and wings, so a few buddies and I went to the newest Wings location in Langley. We got there early thinking it would be busy, but oddly it wasn’t at all. Maybe it’s only busy during the playoffs..

We were seated immediately, and there were some groups there in Canuck jerseys. But I don’t think anyone actually stayed for the entire game besides us.

Wings¬†do have quite a few new flavours that I haven’t seen before, but we only tried some of them. In total we ordered 8 pounds of wings – 2 Honey Garlic, Tora Tora Tora Tokyo, Outback Cajun BBQ, Sweet Thai, Italian Red Roasted Pepper, Cayman Cayenne, and Chicago Salt and Pepper. The big surprise was the Cayman Cayenne, which was one of the new flavours. It looked like Doritos nacho powder on it. It was surprisingly pretty good though, it was a bit salty, and spicy. When mixed with the Italian Red Roasted Pepper it was really good. Overall the Wings are OK. They are quite small, and I definitely prefer wings at other places (Merlins in Whistler, or even Boston Pizza).

I also ordered a Mambo Italiano Chicken, which came with a jalepeno infused fried chicken breast, topped with melted asiago cheese, and served with fusili and tomato sauce. It was pretty good, as the meat was tender, and the breading was crisp. The jalepeno was mixed into the breading and was pretty spicy. Lots of flavour.

The wings overall aren’t too expensive and can run you $38 for 5 pounds. On Sunday’s I think they have 39 cent wings, and if you are a Canucks season ticket holder you get 20% off. The new wings place in Surrey called Wild Wings has 101 flavours, but the cheapest they get are $10 a pound if you buy at least 5 pounds. I want to try it out, and hopefully it is better. The wings at Wings are way too tiny. I swear they were bigger a couple years ago.

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Wings Restaurants & Pubs
19696 Fraser Hwy
Langley, BC

(604) 510-3090

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