White Spot, Squamish

I’ve been to this location about 3 times on the way to and from Whistler. This time we decided to go on the way back home, because our first choice (Naked Lunch) was closed on Sunday. We thought this place would be packed from all the people going home for the weekend, and being brunch time, but surprisingly it wasn’t and we were seated immediately.

I decided on their new Butternut Squash Ravioli, which I was a little iffy of, but I wanted my pasta fix that weekend, and never got it. I added a cup of tomato soup for $2. The tomato soup came with toasted croutons which soaked up the soup nicely. The soup was good but wished it was smoother, and that there weren’t little chunks of other vegetables in there. When I got my ravioli, I was kind of disappointed, because the sauce was really runny. Basically a milk consistency, and not reduced or thickened. I thought it was going to suck a lot. My ravioli was basically swimming int he sauce, actually, drowning, because I couldn’t even see the ravioli at all. The 6 ravioli was plump and stuffed with a good amount of butternut squash, but the pasta sheets was an odd mix of regular and spinach on the top. It was also topped with bacon which added a good saltiness and crispness, roasted squash for extra sweetness, and crunchy pecans. The lemon thyme sauce was a bit sour, but went well with all of the ingredients combined. Still wished it was thicker, but still the dish was better than it looks. The ravioli was cooked well, and the stuffing was plentiful but still airy and sweet. This was definitely different from any other butternut squash ravioli (which usually just comes with brown butter sauce), but still worked.

The food was pretty decent overall, and didn’t hear many complaints.

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White Spot
410 1200 Hunter Place
Squamish, BC

(604) 892-7477


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    Nat’s french breakfast is the way to go at White Spot!