White Castle

I didn’t have White Castle on my list of places to eat in New York. I actually completely forgot about it until my friend mentioned it. So, on my last night, I made sure I stopped by White Castle (and Shake Shack) on my way back to my hotel after watching Sleep No More.

I normally don’t write about fast food, but since this a pretty iconic restaurant, due to Harold and Kumar, I’ll write one anyway.

I ordered the combo which had 4 cheeseburger sliders, fries and drink, which cost a little bit more than $6. The sliders came with pretty thin square beef patties, and topped with cheese, and diced onion. The burgers were greasy, cheesy, and meaty. I actually haven’t had fast food like this in a while, and surprisingly it was quite good. The bread was moist, and soft, and a bit greasy from the burger patty. I enjoyed this little indulgence though. The 4 sliders was just filling enough.

The fries were similar to what you’d get at churches, where it has that crinkle cut. It came out freshly fried, and crisp.

I don’t know how often I’d have White Castle, but it was just as good as any other fast food restaurant. Supposedly, you can get frozen sliders from Costco or Walmart here in the West Coast to satisfy your craving. They may even be better.

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White Castle
525 8th Ave
New York, NY

(212) 736-4746


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