Wayfarer Restaurant & Lounge

After our long day of surfing at Cannon beach, we asked the rental shop what their favourite around the area was. The owner said Wayfarer’s. The restaurant was just a down the street from the shop. We were quickly seated outside on the patio overlooking the beach because it was just nearing sunset on the most beautiful day at Cannon beach in the past few weeks (says the locals).

We started with the Avocado Fingers ($8.99) which were beer battered slices of Avocado that were deep fried. It was served with a little spring salad, cherry tomatoes and a blue cheese dip. These were pretty good. Nice crispy batter, and soft and buttery avocado inside. The avocado still kept its shape and wasn’t too soggy or mushy after being fried. The sauce was pretty good, but surprisingly, I loved the cherry tomatoes the most after the long day of surfing and being dehydrated. It was very refreshing.

We also ordered a plate of the Spicy Wayfarer Wings ($10.99) which supposedly came with a spicy mustard-berry glaze, but it was hardly spicy at all. More sweet and tart from the berry glaze than anything. The wings were nice and crisp on the outside (even with the glaze), and tender on the inside. Really good, and very different flavours from any other wings I’ve had. Beipas ordered a cup of the Clam Chowder ($4.99) and she said it was very good.

For my main I ordered the 14 oz Strip Steak ($29.99) which came with a potato-leek cake, vegetables, pinot noir sauce, and grilled sweet onions. It was really good. The steak was cooked to a perfect medium rare. The meat was very tender and juicy. The potato-leek cake was very crispy and golden brown on the outside, and very light on the inside. It’s a nice contrast to just regular mashed potatoes. My friend also ordered the Northwest Filet Mignon ($36.99) which was topped with Dungeness Crab and Blue Cheese. He loved it. Beipas ordered the Hazelnut Seared Rex Sole. I think she really liked the creamy berry sauce that came with it.

After finishing with our mains and enjoying the sunset, our waitress brought out a tray with all of the desserts. There were so many to choose from and they were all very tempting. There was coconut cheesecake, berry cobbler, chocolate soufle, creme brule, and a couple more. We were so tempted to order multiple, but we were all way too full. We decided on the coconut cheesecake which came with a nice dark chocolate sauce. I liked the sauce because it wasn’t too bitter like I find most dark chocolate. It wasn’t overly sweet. It was very good. Perfect final dish. We had a really amazing time here. The food, service, and view from the patio was amazing.

What was even better, was that to end the perfect day was that we just walked a few feet over to the beach and made a camp fire while we finished watching the sunset and relaxed for a few hours.

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Wayfarer Restaurant & Lounge
1190 Pacific Drive
Cannon Beach, OR

(503) 436-1108


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  • Rebecca

    looks amazing, but slightly on the pricey side eh?
    and the potato-leek cake, man I don’t know how that tastes like
    but already I’m craving for it 😀

  • http://www.camandcheese.com dee

    yah that was one of my favourite dinner’s ever I think.. really relaxing after the long surf day..

    The potato-leek cake was kinda like mashed potatoes that was formed into a cake and then fried til crispy on both sides. Crispy mashed potatoes are yummmy!

    Yah the prices were a little steep but it was worth it for the great time we had. I think we ended up paying about $50 per person. Come visit Ann and we’ll go get yummy food!