Wafels and Dinges

Wafels and Dinges is a food cart with a few locations around NYC. I first saw their food truck while walking towards Time Square. I wanted to try it, but we had already eaten, and were on our way to catch a show. Luckily for me, they have a location at Central Park near my Conferences Workshops, so I was able to go there at lunch break. What is a Dinge?Well a dinge is just a topping for their delicious waffles. We both ordered the de Throwdown Wafel for $6 because it beat Bobby Flay in an episode of Throwdown. I didn’t even read what was in it, but I wanted it. When it finally came, we saw a waffle topped with whip cream, and under that was some brown spread. I was worried because it looked like peanut butter. I gave it a smell, and it just smelled sweet. I’d normally be able to smell peanut butter, so I looked, and it said it was topped with spekuloos and whipped cream. What’s that? My friend took a bite, and didn’t notice any peanut butter, but we had to make sure.

I asked the guy, and he said it was a ginger bread spread. Sweet, I can eat that. After she found out I could eat it, she finally told me how good it was. She kept it in, just so I wouldn’t get jealous in case I was actually allergic. I took my first bite, and holy crap I’m in heaven! This is awesome. The waffle was perfectly cooked, fluffy inside with nice crisp ridges for the delicious gingerbread spekuloos to get in. The star is definitely the spekuloos. I’ve never heard of it before but they make it with gingerbread and you have to try it. It’s sweet, but also has a bit of a graham cracker taste to me. It’s a bit grainy from the crushed up bread. The whip cream adds a nice rich creaminess to it too. Best waffle I’ve ever had. I need to find me some spekuloos.

This location only had sweet waffles from the items on their menu but they also have pulled pork, bacon, and chilli waffles, which I think you can get from their food truck which changes location daily.

There are many other waffles, and if you want, you can order a custom one with any number of the 12 dinges you want.

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Wafels & Dinges – Food Cart
Central Park
5th Ave and 60th St
New York, NY

(866) 429-7329


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