Voodoo Doughnut

You know you’re in America when there’s a 24 hour doughnut shop. I guess when you own Voodoo Doughnuts, it’s a smart thing to open 24 hours, to cater all the tourists like us. We arrive just a little before midnight, and there was about a 10 minute line up stretching out of the shop. Crazy.

We visited their website prior to the trip, and we already had a list of a dozen doughnuts that we wanted to get. When we finally got to the counter, about half of the doughnuts that we wanted weren’t avaliable. They had some really interesting names for their doughnuts. The doughnuts that we wanted but weren’t avaliable were the Triple chocolate penetration, Gay bar, and Cock-n-balls. They had a display case of donuts by the cashier, and those were the doughnuts avaliable for purchase at the moment.

Knowing some of the doughnuts we wanted weren’t avaliable, we were kind of scrambling to select other doughnuts to make the full dozen. It was a little stressful ordering to be honest, particularly when you don’t know the menu well, and there’s a huge line up behind you. We later found out that we didn’t really have to make a full dozen because we didn’t get a deal on the dozen donuts. We still got charged for individual prices. The dozen doughnut deal probably only applies to certain donuts. It was very confusing.

Some of the doughnuts we ended up getting were the Voodoo Dolls, Fruit Loop, Mango Tango, Diablo and Maple Bacon. These donuts were huge. The ones with jelly inside were particularly heavy, because they had A LOT of jelly in them. The Voodoo Dolls had raspberry jelly inside, and the jelly weren’t spread out evenly in the doughnut, it was all in the lower body of the dolls. The Mango Tango was another heavy doughnut. There was so much mango jelly in it, I could probably spread them on 10 pieces of toasts.

Honestly, I didn’t enjoy the doughnuts at all. They were way too sweet. And the ingredients they used were pretty normal. The chocolate frosting, jelly, and cream taste just like the frosting, jelly and cream from any other doughnut shop.

The doughnuts here were shaped in a very interesting and creative way, but taste wise, it was a disappointment.

Note: open 24 hours, limited street parking.

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Voodoo Doughnut
22 SW 3rd Ave
Portland, OR 97204
(503) 241-4704

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  • http://imonlyhereforthefood.com KimHo

    Hahahahaha. This last couple of weeks must have been the invasion of Vancouverites to Portland, because I went there as well; however, because of that queue issue (even at 8:00 pm!), I ended up going to their second location. And yes I was able to get those you couldn’t get, hehehe.

  • http://www.meplusfood.com/author/beipas beipas

    good move Kim, I didn’t even think about visiting their other locations. Can’t wait for your review for these donuts.

  • Moby Dick

    Obviously you’re not from Portland. If you did, you would know that Voodoo Donuts isn’t just about the doughnuts. If you would have gone to Voodoo Too, you would have most likely seen a couple getting
    married. Don’t rate with just the food. rate with the environment, you noob. I suggust you go back here and give this place a different perspective.

  • http://www.meplusfood.com dee

    Funny you should say that given this is a food blog, and not a wedding blog. Nub.

    Also note that this is about the one downtown, not Voodoo Too. Nub

    I hear they’ve had weddings in McDonalds. With your rationale, all McDonalds are awesome and you’d give them 5 stars, or hate on people who don’t rate it high. Nub.

    I suggUst that you base your dining experience on food and not the marriages that happen there.

    Anyways, the experience wasn’t great, all it was was waiting in line for 30 minutes, getting into the small dark store, then ordering donuts which many they didn’t have on hand, then leaving. Not such a great experience.