VIetnam II

We were attracted to this place because we saw a big sign saying Pho Tau Bay, which is our favourite Vietnamese restaurant in Surrey. We found out later that the place was actually called Vietnam II. Our server was an older lady, and seemed to be in a really bad mood at first. Looked really grumpy, and when we tried ordering with the numbers, she angrily insisted that we read out the name instead. What’s the point of the numbers? I don’t want to butcher the names. She seemed really upset at something. However, as we got our food, she was a lot nicer, and actually had a smile on her face.

I ordered the Bun Bo Hue, or spicy pho (which is what I call it). It’s also a noodle soup filled with a different, spaghetti-like noodle, a slightly spicy broth, pork hock, tendons, processed meat, beef, and this one even had cubes of pork blood. I really liked mine, and prefer it over the one at Kim Hoang in Surrey. It had just the right amount of spice, just enough to get you, but not enough to make you sweat. It had a generous amount of different meats and noodles, and I was definitely satisfied after finishing up the bowl. The main difference between this bowl and what I’m used to is the added solid pig blood. It was OK, but I prefer my pigs blood in liquid form as in the Filipino dish dinuguan.

My friends ordered the salad rolls, a pho tau bay, grilled chicken vermicelli with spring roll, and lemon grass pork with rice. I think for the most part everyone enjoyed their food. I think they mentioned that the salad roll was mediocre. The Pho Tau Bay looked really good, didn’t look like it had loads of fat in the broth. The portions were very generous, and some of us couldnt’ finish our meals.

I ordered a Vietnamese Ice coffee, and again they dripped and mixed it for me. Really not used to that. This coffee was strong! I actually thought there was some Kaluha or something in it, because it was messing with my taste buds. I had to add a lot of water in there to thin it out, but by having 4-5 sips, I’d had enough.

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Vietnam II
701 Larkin St
San Francisco, CA

(415) 885-1274

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