Victoria Sushi

I decided to try a new sushi place in New Westminster. I found this place on urbanspoon and invited Beipas. However, either of us have heard of Victoria Sushi before. It is probably because the restaurant is pretty secluded and does not receive a lot of drive-by exposure. It is also quite far away from the sky train station and is strangely situated in an area full of residential apartments.

One of the biggest challenges I faced after locating Victoria Sushi was trying to find parking in the area. There were no immediate parking spots available for the customers. I ended up parking outside a residential apartment about two blocks away.

When we finally arrived at the restaurant, we were greeted by the chef and the waitress. The restaurant was small and modest. We were seated right away because there were only a few other customers. We ordered a plate of wild salmon sashimi, chicken yakisoba, Sappro beer, spicy sushi combo, and tuna tataki.

The wild salmon plate was first to arrive. The pieces were evenly cut and tasted very fresh. A simple way to tell the freshness of the sashimi is by your sense of smell. Fresh sashimi does not have a strong fishy odour and the meat was slightly firm. The sashimi portion wasn’t what I would say large when compared to Sushi Oyama and other sushi restaurants, but it definitely wasn’t small. I particularly like the cut because it wasn’t too thick or too thin.

Sappro beer tasted as good as always. It is my personal favourite brand of beer. We also got a bowl of miso soup that came with our sushi combo. I really liked the miso soup because it was light on the salt and I didn’t feel like I have to gulp down three glasses of water afterwards.

I liked the presentation of the tuna tataki. The pieces were served on a plate of garden vegetables with ponzu dressing. The tuna pieces themselves were dressed in sesame oil. When put together, the tuna and the vegetables complimented each other pretty well. I definitely recommend giving the tuna tataki a try.

The spicy tuna and salmon roll combo came in a smaller size than I expected. I noticed right away that they had a thinner layer of rice which really brought out the fish filling in the middle. There were two types of hot sauce that were used. I suspect they were Thai Hot Sauce and Korean Sweet/Hot Sauce. I can’t be sure because I didn’t ask the staff nor was it stated on the menu. The rice for the sushi combo was not mushy and was served warm. This was really important as it showed the quality of the preparation. Ideally, good sushi rice would be served slightly warm, never hot, cold, or mushy and Victoria Sushi is right on track with that. The spicy sushi combo also came with three piece nigiri. They were also a treat to eat.

Finally, I had the chicken yakisoba and it was a bit salty. It was served on a sizzling hot plate. We couldn’t finish the noodles so that was the only item I ended up taking home.

Overall, Victoria Sushi provided quality sushi over quantity. I would definitely go back again. One thing I do not like, however, is the parking situation. Perhaps take out orders would be better next time.

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Victoria Sushi
15 Royal Ave E
New Westminster
(604) 759-3848

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  • Cheryl

    So happy that a blogger has finally caught on to Victoria Sushi! It’s been an absolute favourite of ours since the week it opened. The owner,John, is one of the most passionate entrepreneurs I’ve met. The food is incredible. I won’t eat sushi anywhere else because it just doesn’t compare. We used to live in the neighbouring building but now we travel all the way from Maple Ridge for sushi. Love these guys, love your honest review. Thanks! :)

  • beipas

    Thanks Cheryl!