Vapiano Soul, Gold Coast, Australia

My first experience with Vapianos was in Berlin. My friend raved about it. Unfortunately with our luck, we went to a bad station with a broken pasta boiler, which left our pasta pretty gross and gummy. It probably was just an off day because, I guess it can’t really be bad with the amount of people there. It was packed.

Fast forward 5 months later, and while in the Gold Coast, we were looking for a place to eat. I chose Vapiano Soul not knowing it was the same brand until the hostess described how their system works. They also have a location in Brisbane too. So what you do is find a place to sit. If the place is busy like in Berlin, finding a place for you and your friends can be hard to come by. Luckily during lunch in the Gold Coast, there were plenty of empty seats.

After you find a seat, go up to on of the stations and order. Each station is labelled for pasta, or pizza, or cafe. The one in Berlin had many more stations for salads and appetizers. We ordered the Pollo e Spinaci with Linguini, and also an Aribitta with Fusili. These are made right in front of you very quickly.

I’m glad to say that I gave Vapiano’s another chance. My pasta was delicious. Smelled awesome. Perfectly cooked pasta (this time). And wonderful sauce with tender chicken, and spinach, and crunchy pine nuts in a light creamy pesto sauce. As our cook was finishing up our pasta, he said that smelling that pasta made him so hungry. I can attest to the awesomeness of this pasta. The aribitta was pretty good too. It had a little spice to it, but wished we ordered another version of it, perhaps with meat. It was pretty plain. At each table you have your own fresh basil to pluck and put on your food.

For some reason the pizza that we ordered took a pretty long time to make. We were done eating our pastas by the time our pizza came. We ordered the BBQ Chicken Pizza. Again, it was pretty good, but BBQ chicken isn’t one of my favourite flavours. The wood oven pizza was pretty crisp around the outsides, but it was a bit floppy in the middle. The BBQ sauce was smokey and sweet, with quite tender chicken.

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Vapiano Soul
8 Caviill Ave
Gold Coast, QLD

07 5538  8967

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  • Janet

    I’m so glad you had a good experience there this time around. I haven’t been able to forgive Vapiano since the Berlin debacle, but I’ll make sure to go one last time before we leave Germany.

  • dee

    and 1000 more times when you open up one here?