Uva Wine Bar

I’ve wanted to go to Uva Wine Bar for a long time. My friend and I decided to grab some wine and snacks after our dinner at Nuba. We walked in and seated ourselves. There were menus on the tables, and shortly after we our orders were placed.

To eat, we just ordered the Crispy Chick Peas, and the Braised Pork Belly. For drinks we started off with a Reisling, and a Gewurztraminer. The wines took a while to come out, but they came out nice and chilled. However, we didn’t really like the wines that we had. They seemed to have quite a strong after taste, and not as fruity. The Gewurztraminer didn’t have any lychee notes. I also ordered Pinot Gris after, and again, not as sweet and mild as I thought it would be. They may be really good wines, but maybe I like the cheaper ones.

Now onto the food. The crispy chick peas were nice. They looked like corn pops, but they were just a bit crisp, and tender inside. They were cooked all the way through, so the pea wasn’t hard inside. It was nicely seasoned with preserved lemon, chili, and some mint. Really nice flavours. Not too spicy though. The braised pork belly was delicious too. The meat was so tender, but somehow they also made the skin crisp. I guess they broiled it after they braised it to get the skin like that. The skin was crisp, and there was a small layer of fat under. The pork belly was served with some nice stewed beans, that complimented the texture of the pork. It had a semi-firm texture.

I’ve seen this place really busy before, but on Friday evening it wasn’t very busy. Maybe it picks up later at night. I need to try more of the wines though. The food was kind of pricey, but very tasty. I also need to try Cibo.

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Uva Wine Bar
900 Seymour St
Vancouver, BC

(604) 683-4251


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