Una Pizza and Wine, Calgary

We walked into Una Pizza and Wine when wandering around on 17th Ave looking for a bar/restaurant to hide away from the rain.

We weren’t particularly hungry, we went in mainly for wine. We somehow still ended up ordering quite a bit of food, because the menu looked really good, and the pizza from the other tables looked really delicious too.

We got 3 appetizers: Roasted Almonds, Meatballs, and Stuffed Mushrooms. We also got a Mushroom Pizza.

The Roasted Almonds was toasted with sea salt and cumin. They were warm and a little sticky on the outside. They had a little sweet taste to it, they were good little snacks to get.

The veal and pork Meatballs was baked in tomato sauce. The meatballs were pretty dry, the combination of the meat didn’t have much flavor. They needed a bit more spices in them.

The Stuffed Mushrooms were stuffed with goat cheese and boar bacon. There were a lot of cheese in those mushroom caps, almost a little bit too much. The mushroom themselves were pretty dry, but it worked well with the creamy cheese.

The Mushroom Pizza ($19) had roasted mushrooms, scarmoza, fresh arugula, grana padano cheese, and was topped with truffle oil. I really liked this pizza. It looked so amazing. It was a thin crust pizza, and crust on each slice stayed crispy, no floppy, soggy slices. The pizza was delicious, with all fresh ingredients. I loved the mushrooms and the arugula.

This restaurant got really busy during dinner, it was literally packed towards the end of our meal. I loved the interior design of this restaurant. I liked how some of the food were served on wood planks instead of plates, it gave a lot of the rustic feel to it. Great pizzeria.

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Una Pizza and Wine
618 17 Ave SW
Calgary, AB T2S
(403) 453-1183

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