Top Shanghai Cuisine

Our friend’s Jeneric are on the hunt for Vancouver’s best XLBs (Xiao Long Baos), and they’ve kindly asked us to come with them to a few locations. Top Shanghai was a new place for us, so we gladly joined them.

We ordered a few things, but what we really wanted was a lot of XLB. We started with a spicy pork dish, which I sadly couldn’t try because it had peanuts in it. Everyone really liked it though and it had a good amount of heat. The Chop Suey, and Rice Cake dishes were nice. The cakes were were firm with a nice bite, and a really good sauce. We also ordered a bean dish which was a bit salty to me, and I found out that it has little dried shrimp. So people with allergies (like me!) watch out. It tasted pretty good though. We also ordered the jiggly pork hock which was really good too. Nice amount of melt in your mouth fat, and  good sauce.

Now onto the XLBs. They were delicious. The pork was tender, moist, and a good amount of soup. The skin was just the right thickness, not too thick, and didn’t break too easily. They also served fried XLBs which had a bit of a thicker skin to deal with the frying process. It too was able to keep the soup inside, and the same filling. The bottom was a bit crisp, but I think I prefer the regular XLB, because it’s lighter.

I also wanted to have some Peking Duck, but you do have to place the order in advance. I forget if it’s a few hours before, or at least a day before.

Being part of the ChineseBites crew, I’m grateful to be invited to try a bunch of different Chinese restaurants, and I do prefer Nong more than Top Shanghai.

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Top Shanghai Cuisine
5880 No. 3 Rd
Richmond, BC

(604) 278-8790

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