The Whip

Last week I visited The Whip to grab a beer and catch up with friends from school. On a Thursday night, this place was bumpin’! We had 8 people, and weren’t able to get a table inside the restaurant, so we took over the patio.

Judging by the menu, this was kind of a fancy pub. The burgers averaged $13, and more if you want to substitute fries with yam fries our poutine. The entrees were the same, around $14 and up.

I ordered a Turkey burger with poutine, while most others ordered The Whip Burger.

I thought my turkey burger was just OK. It was moist, but the patty tasted a little bland, it needed a bit more herb action or an awesome aioli to lift up the flavours. They had a cranberry aioli in the burger, it gave the burger a strange light sour taste.

The poutine on the other hand, was amazing. I’m not quite sure if it was because I haven’t had poutine in a while, but this one was GOOD. The gravy’s got just enough saltiness, fries were crispy and soft, and they didn’t cheap out on the amount of cheese curds. Really solid poutine.

If you don’t want poutine or yam fries, their regular fries totally kicks ass too. Actually, I should say, the garlicky mayonaise that came with the fries totally kicks ass. Not sure what they put in it, but it was garlicky and so tasty. I could eat a lot of fries with that magic mayo.

The Whip burger was a beef burger with edam and cheddar cheese. Everyone seemed to enjoyed it, I’m sure it was better than my turkey burger.

Aside from the food, our waiter really sucked. He got our orders wrong twice and both times he had confirmed our orders with us before he left. First he got my friend a vegetarian burger instead of a beef burger, it kind of sucked because now our friend has to watch us eat while he waits for his burger again. The second time he got us regular fries when we asked for yam fries, they re-fired a side of yam fries for us but by the time it got to our table, we were already full.

My overall impression was, good food, nice space, I would go back again to grab drinks with friends.

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The Whip
209 E 6th Ave
Vancouver, BC V5T
(604) 874-4687

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