The Waffle Window

The Waffle Window was the first place we ate at in Portland.  Knowing this was the first of many spots we are going to eat that day, we ordered 2 savoury and 2 sweet waffles to share. The 2 savoury waffles were The Three B’s and Farm Fusion. The 2 sweet waffles were Huckleberry with Lemon cream and Fallen Leaves; both were the specials of the day.

The three B’s was probably their most famous waffle that has bacon, brie and basil. It’s a true combination of sweet and savoury with great texture from the crispy bacon and soft brie.

The Farm fusion was their vegetarian waffle with mushroom, spinach, tomato, roasted red pepper and chevre. It was not as great as The three B’s, and nothing was there to wow us.

The huckleberry waffle was the first one I tried. The sugar coated waffle was topped with fresh huckleberry sauce along with some very nice lemony creme, super delicious. I think they should add this to their regular menu.

Fallen Leaves was a sweet waffle with pear, raspberry, whipped cream and chocolate drizzle. The fresh fruits made this waffle extra nice.

This place was almost every like I like in a restaurant. Great food, very reasonable (cheap) prices, and very chilled environment  There was indoor and outdoor seating, given that it was a nice day out, we sat at the picnic table outside. Personally, I preferred the sweet waffles over the savoury ones here.

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