The Verse Family Restaurant

This past weekend, on my way to sun peaks, my friends and I stopped for food at The Verse after missing the exit to Merritt. This restaurant is attached to Petro Canada, where we also filled up our car.

Since we left Vancouver quite early, we all decided to get breakfast at this diner-ish restaurant. I decided to get their Denver Omelet with 3 eggs, ham, onions, tomato, green peppers and cheddar cheese.

The omelet was quite delicious. The egg was fluffy, the ingredients were fresh and not too oily. The best thing on the plate was definitely the grilled mash. Instead of the regular hash browns, they took mash potato and fried it on the grill so it would have a tasty and crispy outer later with creamy potato on the inside. First time having grilled mash and I loved it. I wish more breakfast joints would do this!

My friends other other breakfast choices like the Meat lover, The big, and The bigger. I like their breakfast names. These are all pretty much the same depending on if you want more meat, or…more meat.

One of us got their daily special, the Beef Dip. Unfortunately he didn’t get the satisfaction out of his meal like the rest of us did. He said the beef was a bit dry, but I think it’s because he was the only one that didn’t get the grill mash that the whole table was raving about.

I felt a bit sketchy about this place when I walked in, but I’m kind of glad we missed the exit to Merritt because we really enjoyed our breakfast here. Grill mash, it’s the way to go with eggs and breakfast meats.

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The Verse Family Restaurant
1885 W Trans Canada Hwy
Kamloops, BC V1S

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    It’s an A&W now :(