The Kingfish Cafe

When in America, you must get southern food! I made a trip down to Seattle a night before we were supposed to go camping at Cannon beach. I was craving something meaty, so my Seattle friends took me to The Kingfish Cafe for some southern BBQ grub.  I instantly got a good vibe walking into this place. It was open and cozy, it’s got a nice little patio too.

We started off the meal sharing some Fried Green Tomatoes and and Percy’s Plate for Sharin’ – a trio of wonderful dips.

The tasty Friend Green Tomatoes were sliced thinly and deep fried with very nicely seasoned batter. It came with 3 corn fritters, which were very yummy with the creamy aioli drizzled on top.

For the Percy’s Plate for Sharin‘, the trio of dips were smoked catfish, artichoke, and black-eyed peas.  It came with an some toasted bread and crackers. All of the dips were super delicious, the smoked catfish and artichoke were our favorites because they were both really creamy.

I really wanted to try all the mains that they had on the menu because they all sounded so tasty. But I was craving meat that day, so I ordered the BBQ Beef Ribs. This entree had 4 giant and super tender delicious beef ribs with collar greens, potato salad and corn bread. OMG was it ever tasty! The BBQ sauce had a really intense flavour with just enough spiciness to it. The corn bread actually tasted like corn. The collar green had enough acidity to balance off the sweetness of the BBQ sauce. I was already liking this place a lot after the appetizers, but the entree made me love it. This dish was so popular that day, mine was actually the last order of the night!

The Mac & Cheese is an other item that you must get. It’s probably the best that I’ve had. It was cut in a cube kind of like lasagna, topped with cheese sauce. Unlike most mac & cheeses out there that are runny with cream sauce, this was really creamy. The burned cheese bits on the side and top of the cube were the best. It is also served with a serious amount of salad. The salad could be enough for 4 people.

My friend ordered their Gumbo for his entree, and it was tasty as hell as well. There was so much flavour with prawns, chicken, fish, and etc. It’s not hard to finish this entree with the rice they served you with.

Ok, so we were all really stuffed after our entrees. But the waitress came and told us the dessert list which included coconut cake and red velvet cake. 2 of my favorite things, we had to get some! It was a hard decision, but we decided to just pick 1 to share and 2 minutes later, the most gigantic red velvet cake was on our table. The cake was very dense and it was served with caramel flavoured whipped cream, needless to say, it was delicious.

The Kingfish Cafe
602 19th Ave E
Seattle, WA 98112
(206) 320-8757

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