The Keg Steakhouse & Bar Whistler

I visited The Keg Steakhouse with my friends after a day of snowboarding at Whistler. The Keg is located right in the Whistler Village. It is a pretty big restaurant, it had 4 floors with the bar at the ground level.

For some reason we didn’t make a reservation for dinner, so we ended up waiting nearly an hour for a table for 8. The wait made me extra hungry, I ordered my food based on what I thought would be the biggest slab of meat, the Regular Prime Rib with Garlic Mashed Potatoes ($29.45).

Before I get to the prime rib, we also ordered their Garlic Cheese Breads ($5.95) for appetizer. The Cheese Breads were really good. It was cheddar, monterey Jack and Parmesan cheeses toasted on French bread. The blend of cheeses mixed well together and the bread was really soft. Good appetizer.

There were actually 3 sizes for the Prim Ribs, Small, Regular and Keg Size. The reason I went for ‘Regular’ was because the Keg size was too expensive for me ($33.45). When the steak came to my table, it looked really big and thick. It was probably the biggest slab of meat I’ve ever ordered at a restaurant. The steak came with garlic mashed potatoes, deep fried onions, horseradish, and red wine herb au jus.

The steak was really good. It had a lot of fat, marbled in the steak. It was flavorful, and very juicy. I ordered the steak cooked to medium, because I don’t eat raw beef, but I should have ordered it medium rare. The steak was really soft towards the middle part where it was less cooked.

The horseradish was really strong. I think they used fresh horseradish. I had a lot of it on my first try, and it felt like I just ate a ball of wasabi. It was good though. The au jus sauce was pretty good too, I didn’t end up using the horseradish and au jus too much because the steak was already flavorful enough.

The steak was bigger than I thought it would be and I only managed to finish 2/3 of it. When the waiter came to settle the bill, we found out that he had made a mistake. My ‘Regular’ sized Prime Rib was really, the ‘Keg’ sized Prime Rib. No wonder it looked as big as my friends’ Keg sized Prime Ribs! I almost ate 14oz of meat! We let the waiter know, and he apologized for the mistake and adjusted our bill back. I just got a Keg size prime rib for the price of the regular, w00t!

The Keg is usually too expensive for me to visit, but their steaks are indeed very good. This is a nice place to treat yourself once in a while. I left this steakhouse super satisfied.

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The Keg Steakhouse & Bar
4429 Sundial Place
Whistler, British Columbia
V0N 1B4 Canada
(604) 932-5151

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  • Ben

    Oh sweet! That would score for me to get a supersized steak for the price of a medium one. I had never been to The Keg before … believe it or not. Even though I have one near my home.

  • Rebecca

    hmm, i had such…unsettling feelings twd The Keg
    Thanks to The Keg on Yonge & Sheppard, TO (still there I wonder?)
    But good to know you Keg-size for the price of Regular…
    “It’s pay-back time, Keggers!”
    (ok that’s a bit too maladramatic, my deepest apology amigo)

    I got a long steak story to share with ya
    nothing funny, just a long story (lol) (yeah, dun know why I’d bother to share it)
    Perhaps it’s because
    when I’m with you, anything is worth sharing ~