The Fork at Agate Bay

The MePlusFood team goes to the States every once in a while, and this time we made sure that we ate out at a few places. Our first stop on the trip was the Fork at Agate Bay. It was quite a drive and pretty scenic as a lot of the drive is along the coast. A lot of nice houses here with docks to the water! Jealous!

Anyways, we were quickly seated for our brunch, and we liked our waitress right away… why? I think her personality. The special for the day was a salmon cake benedict which Beipas ordered. I ordered the Huevos Rancheros, and a Cedar Baked Brie to start. Nammerik ordered the Georgia’s Peach French Toast, and Janet ordered the soup of the day (Curry), and also poached eggs with hashbrowns and sausage.

My brie came first, and it was oozing out the rind. It was really good. It came with the cedar baked brie, bread,  a whole roasted head of garlic, an olive jam thing, and some olives on the side. The olive jam was really good, it smelled slightly olivey but actually really sweet, I liked it a lot. The garlic cloves were roasted with all of the paper skin, and it was really easy to pull out of the head. It was really soft, and spread nicely onto the bread. The olives jam, brie, and garlic all went perfectly together. The only problem with the dish is that there wasn’t nearly enough bread!

My huevos rancheros were pretty good too. It had black bean on the bottom, topped with a tortilla, scrambled eggs (my choice), some salsa, a few slices of avocado, and a dallop of sour cream. All of the flavours went well together. Nothing to complain about here. The black beans were tender, the tortilla was warm, the eggs were nicely cooked, and the salsa added a little bit of spice.

My friends on the other hand had mixed responses. I’ll start with the good. Janet liked her meal. Curry soup was good. And her poached eggs, sausage, and hash browns were pretty good too.

The French Toast was a disapointment. There were two rather small pieces of french toast. There was only one slice of peach in each one! The bread was also very hard and over cooked. It also came with a champagne flavoured syrup. Not very much food at all, and not worth it. The salmon benedict was also kind of a miss. On one hand the salmon cakes were really good, but it was drenched in a champagne hollandaise sauce that was very different, and not in a good way. There was no way you could get off the sauce. The salmon cake was placed on top of an english muffin, and the salmon cake had a poached egg on top. It also came with some fresh fruit on the side.

The meal was good for me and Janet, but for the other two they weren’t very pleased.

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The Fork at Agate Bay
2530 N Shore Rd
Bellingham, WA

(360) 733-1126

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  • chris

    the cheese was good. the eggs were good. the olive jam was good. the hashbrowns were good. the service was good. the hollandaise was not good.

    this is the worst review i have ever read.

  • dee

    I agree after rereading my post that I could have been more informative and not use good so much. But I did elaborate a little more than good/not good for the food I actually ate. Hopefully my friends will describe what the salmon cakes, hollandaise sauce, hashbrowns, etc tasted like as I didn’t try their food. I just went off of what I remember them telling me if they liked their food or not.