The Coup, Vegetarian in Calgary

Alberta is known for its beef, but the first restaurant we visited in Calgary was The Coup, a popular vegetarian joint on 17th Ave.

We were there for brunch and luckily they serve breakfast until 3pm, because we arrived at around noon. It was a bit hard picking what I wanted, because a lot of the things on the menu sounded really good.

I decided to get the Hippy Split with Coconut Milk, my friends got their Frittata, Messy Janes, and Falafel Quesadillas.

The Hippy Split was homemade granola and quinoa. It came with half a banana, and coconut milk on the side. The granola to my surprise was pretty good. It wasn’t too dry or hard to chew. It was topped with fruit compote, which tasted like a blend of berries to me. The coconut milk was sort of diluted, not a lot of coconut flavor in it. This was a really filling breakfast, it felt like it was something you would eat before you go run a marathon. I’m pretty sure all the grains from the granola gave me a boost of energy for the rest of the day.

My friends also really liked their dishes. I had some of their food, and they all had great flavors. My favorite was the salad on the Falafel Quesadillas. The salad was really fresh, with a very light coat of dressing, it was really delicious.

I think it’s pretty obvious that the restaurant is doing a good job when you have to keep remind yourself that it is a vegetarian restaurant. Unlike other vegetarian restaurants, I was really really glad to see they utilize fresh ingredients instead of processed meat imitations.

I had a great meal here, and I will definitely go back the next time I visit Calgary.

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The Coup
924 17 Ave SW
Calgary, AB T2T

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  • dee

    I had the Frittata, which was a special of the day. I know the place is vegetarian, but I heard the word “bacon” when she was telling us what it was. Maybe it was veggie bacon. The frittata was pretty good with all the different vegetables in it, except I didn’t think the sweet potato didn’t really fit well with the dish.

    Friend loved her Falafel Quesadilla, but wished it had more banana peppers. The tortilla was crisp and helped hold the shape. She loved the sheep feta, even tho she normally hates feta!

    My favorite was the Messy Jane. Loved the sauce on top and the tofu and the pine nuts. It had really great flavours.

    I agree that the coconut was pretty bland and diluted.

    I also got a Mint Strawberry Pineapple Smoothie with a shot of Apricot Brandy, and it was decent. A bit thinner than I would have liked though.