The Copper Hog

The last restaurant I checked out in Bellingham was The Copper Hog. Me and my two friends stopped by for dinner, and we ordered way too much food for ourselves.

Technically it wasn’t really our fault for ordering too much food, the portion was just so big, even for small dishes! We ordered everything from pork, lamb, clams and foie gras. Our favorites of the night were the pork.

The best thing I ate that night was the Pork Wings. This small dish has 2 very meaty, tender and perfectly BBQ’d pork ribs. These were really awesome. The next best thing was the Caesar salad with pork belly. The pork belly is optional, but you gotta order them. The pork belly was crispy and tender, worked really well with the Caesar salad, possibly better than bacon. The 3rd pork small dish we had was the pork belly tacos, this was again really tasty.

Their curry fries was listed under small dishes, this was by no means ‘small’. It was a giant bowl of fries smothered with curry gravy, and green onions on top. Kind of looks like a poutine, except there’s no cheese, and it tasted like curry. I’ve read good things about their curry fries, but I thought it was just ok.

The 3 large plates we had were mac and cheese, steamed clams, and foie gras. The mac and cheese was really nice, it was creamy and cheesy. I liked that they used shell pasta. The steamed clams and foie gras were specials of the day. The clams were really really buttery. So buttery that I couldn’t really taste the clam, or eat more than 1/3 of the dish. The foie gras was a really rich dish in general. There were foie gras, deep fried onion strings, lentil, and a side salad. It was a pretty dish, but just too rich for me to finish it all.

Even though we ordered both small and large dishes, everything came at once. We were a little bit overwhelmed by that because our table barely fit all the plates, and the portions were giant!  All the pork dishes we had were good, and the others, not so much. Stick with the pork.

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The Copper Hog
1327 N State St
Bellingham, WA

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