The Bun Mobile, Brisbane, Australia

The Bun Mobile¬†is one of the places my friend wanted to try while in Brisbane. But while she was there, and during my first few days in Oz, they were away in States. Lucky for us, they came back right when we were back in Brisbane for the final leg of our trip.¬†They are the only mobile food truck in Brisbane, so you have to visit their website our checkout their Twitter to see where they are that day.They specialize in making Asian “burgers” with those steamed rice buns. We ordered each of their regular items to try. At $8, it’s actually up to par with the price of food trucks in Vancouver. One bun is good enough for lunch, but we ordered the Pork Bun, Chicken Bun, and Wagyu Bun between two people anyway. We were stuffed after.

My Favourite was definitely the Pork Bun. This is the way I like it. Not with mayo and lettuce like at Ippudo. They did it pretty traditionally, with two big tender slices of Pork Belly, hoisin, and green onion. They also put cucumber for a nice freshness. Very flavourful and tender.

My friend’s favourite was the Chicken because it had mint, mayo, hoisin, and a nice crunchy slaw. This was my second my favourite. It tasted very fresh because of the mint and the nicely dressed slaw.

Our least favourite was the Wagyu, which came with teriyaki sauce, and some shitake mushrooms. The pieces of steak were a bit too thick for our liking, and wasn’t a fan of the shitake mushrooms. They also gave us one of their specials for the day which was a Angus Beef. I thought I would like this because it came with avocado and wasabi cream. But I found the wasabi to be too weak. I understand they have to cater to everyones taste, but maybe they can add a stronger wasabi mayo on the side, like they do with hot sauce, and sriracha.

Overall, I’d eat their pork buns often. They also keep the menu fresh with new specials each day. They are really cool guys and are passionate about their work. They took two weeks off to see what the competition was like in the States.

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The Bun Mobile
Food Truck (Various Locations) – Check their website to see where they will be each day
Brisbane, QLD

04 0142 0922

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