Tex Drive In. A Local’s Favorite for Malasadas

We were on our way north bound from Kailua Kona to see the waterfalls at Hilo and we were asking the locals where was a good place to eat. Almost every single one of them answered: Malasadas! at Tex Drive In. All of them answered with such love for those Malasadas, we just had to stop by.

A Malasada is a Portuguese doughnut. I’ve never had a Portuguese doughnut, so I was pretty curious about it. The doughnuts were square shaped, and you can order them with fillings or without. There were about 6 flavors for fillings including interesting ones such as mango, pineapple and guava. The doughnuts were also covered with white sugar.

The Malasadas were very sweet tasty treats. The dough was soft, there were a lot of fillings, it got a bit messy to eat. Were they super duper special? No. They weren’t, okay maybe for the guava jelly filling that was an interesting flavor. I did gobble those down rather quickly, it very yummy. I can see why it was a local favorite.

I went there for the Malasadas, but I also arrived for dinner. While reading their menu for burgers and sandwiches, I caught Loco Moco on the menu. A Loco Moco was steamed rice, topped with a beef burger patty, topped with an fried egg, and topped with gravy. Poutine, Hawaiian style? No offense to my male readers, but rice, meat, egg and gravy, sounds very much like a ‘guy’s dish’, (haha). Normally, if I hear something like that I would not get it. But I was in Hawaii and it’s an Hawaiian dish, and it’s got a funky name, so I got one for the spirit of a tourist.

The Loco Moco was smothered with gravy, and it was tasty. When you order a Loco Moco at Tex Drive In, they’ll also ask you how you want your eggs to be done, sunny side up, over easy, anyway you want it. It was a very comforting food. The beef patty was very thick, and the whole thing was very filling. It’s got the right ratio of rice, meat, and gravy. It tasted like, rice, meat, egg and gravy. It was a very simple dish with very simple ingredients that taste good together. You can easily try to make it at home if you are curious about it.

This was a Drive In with delicious food, it’s a must visit on Big Island, Hawaii.

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Tex Drive In
45-690 Pakalana St
Honokaa, HI 96727
(808) 775-0598

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    lol when you said White Sugar, I thought you meant powdered/confection sugar..until I looked at the picture. Looks good though.

    Hehe seems like they rent out surfboards as well as food at that stand

    and gimme the loco moco! try to make it for me!