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Once in a while this question always comes up at midnight: where can we get food?

Tea Work is a spot I discover recently that conveniently opens til 2am daily. I was there for a very late dinner, and the fact that this was a Taiwanese restaurant, I was more interested in getting little dishes than an actual entrée.

We ordered the things that I would usually get in a Taiwanese restaurant,  Meat Ball Soup, Beef Pancake Wrap, Salt and Peppery Fried Chicken and Condensed Milk Toast.

The Salt and Peppery Fried Chicken is sort of the staple of Taiwanese food. If a Taiwanese restaurant can’t make a good Salt and Peppery Fried Chicken, you can pretty much stop eating and walk out. Luckily, I didn’t have to walk out on Tea Work. The chicken wasn’t the best I’ve had, but they were decent. They were crispy, and they didn’t try to cheap out on giving you more batter than meat. I’d really like to see them put some deep fried basil on it to make it more authentic. A little basil goes a long way.

Out of all 4 items, I liked the Beef Pancake Wrap the most. It was one of the better one’s I’ve had. The green onion pancake was fluffy, a little chewy, and it had a great crispy crust. The thin slices of beef was also wrapped with fresh green onions, it was tasty tasty.

If there’s one thing you should skip here, it’d be the Meat Ball Soup. The meat balls soup was really salty, really salty! I’m pretty sure it also had a ton of MSG in it, and for some reason, it was also greasy. I didn’t like it at all.

Condensed Milk Toast is one of my favorite snacks. I don’t think anyone could really mess up on this item since it’s so simple to make. If you’re not familiar with this, it is basically condensed milk on a thick slice of bread and toasted until the condensed milk is a little caramelized on the top.  The Condensed Milk Toast was delicious, perfect item to end the meal with.

I didn’t get any bubble teas here. The place was really busy even at midnight and almost everyone ordered bubble tea, so I guess they shouldn’t be that bad. They did seem they were a little under staffed. Although the waitresses were nice, it was a little hard to get their attention.

Decent food, not a bad spot to visit for late night snacks.

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Tea Work
5695 Victoria Dr
Vancouver, BC V5P
(778) 371-9831

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  • Pauline

    You were in my ‘hood! That’s my hangout. =)