Taste Nice Caribbean Restaurant

We learned about Taste Nice a long time ago. We tried going one time, but it’s closed on Sundays. This time we went during dinner time on a regular week day. The place wasn’t busy at that point, and I guess their main busy hours are during lunch time.The owners are very friendly, and the people who came by seemed to know them very well, and though some were white kept saying “mon”.

We started off with a Beef Jamaican Patty, and Jerk Wings. The Jamaican Patty was kind of a let down. They seemed to have been frozen (possibly mass produced), as it wasn’t crisp and flakey, and the meat inside was very very small ground beef. It did have a nice spice to it though. The Jerk Wings were very saucey, and nice. Not really spicey, but good flavours. You could tell it was home made.

For our mains, I ordered the Chicken Curry Roti, while Beipas ordered the Oxtail, and also the Jerk Chicken for our friend. The Chicken Curry was very flavourful, and the roti had a nice texture. There was a good amount of chicken, but though there was way too much potato for my liking. I probably wouldn’t get this dish again. The Oxtail was delicious though, and came with dirty rice. This is definitely the thing to order here. The oxtail was very tender. The Jerk Chicken was pretty good too, but I would prefer a bit more heat.

Overall it was a good experience. I haven’t had that much Jamaican food, but I’m glad there’s a place close by that I can get Oxtail. It’s very good. The owners are also very kind, friendly people too, and make you feel at home.

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Taste Nice Caribbean Restaurant
13448 108 Ave
Surrey, BC

(604) 581-2444


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