Taqueria Jalisco

I found out about Taqueria Jalisco from a quick search on Yelp when I needed a spot to go for lunch, and what a find this place was! I can’t believe all this time, we have an awesome and authentic mexican restaurant right in Surrey.

I’ve been to this place for lunch 3 times now and that was all in a week. Yah it’s pretty awesome. On my first visit, Dee and I shared a chicken nachos, and we each had a $2 taco for appetizer. The nacho chips were topped with beans, chicken breast chunks, salsa, and melted cheese. This looked like a toned down version of the piled high nachos I’m used to seeing, but it was delicious. I really enjoyed the combination refried beans, chicken and chips, nice texture and very tasty.

For my main, I ordered the chicken burrito with half salsa verde and half salsa roja. This thing, was giant, it could probably feed 4 people. The burrito was stuffed with rice, refried beans and chicken breast. Normally I prefer the green salsa verde, but I really like the red salsa roja here. The salsa verde was very acidic and limey, and the roja had this rich and smoky flavour, which was so yummy.

So I learned my lesson from my first visit, unless I am really really hungry, I shouldn’t order the burrito on my own. So, on my following 2 visits, I opted to try their equally awesome and authentic tacos. There was no seafood tacos here, the options were steak, shredded beef, chicken, pastor pork, chorizo or carinitas pork. I tried all of them except for the chorizo and my favorites were pastor, carnitas, and carne asada (steak). The meats were really flavourful and most importantly they were moist, and super good. The portion size is generous too. I’d get full with just 3 tacos here.

I’m really glad I found this place. Besides from great food, the place has a bit of cozy and ghetto feeling with over stocked random mexican foods, folded chairs and piñatas hanging on the ceiling, and this is the kind of restaurants I like. They also serve mexican breakfast here too, which I want to come back and try.

My friend also called this the Fast and Furious restaurant; parking right out front and authentic food on the inside. It’s so great to know that I don’t have to drive over to New Westminister’s Taqueria playa tropical for good Mexican food, unless I want seafood tacos of course. And for non Surrey residents, this place is worth the drive for authentic mexican food.

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Taqueria Jalisco
13646 Grosvenor Rd
Surrey, BC
(604) 580-0840

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  • Janet

    We went there a few years back and I was really happy that they had tortas ahogadas and birria, which are hard to come by in Mexican spots in Vancouver. They weren’t exactly what you’d find in Mexico but were close enough.

  • http://www.meplusfood.com/author/beipas beipas

    omg all this time you know about this place and didn’t tell us!