Tamarind Tree, Seattle

I found Tamarind Tree on a local Washington TV show, and told my friend living in Seattle about it. He’d been there numerous times since, and he’s really liked it. Luckily on our last visit to Seattle, I finally went to Tamarind Tree.
The complex was pretty busy at lunch, but if you park a bit further away, there’s plenty of parking and not as crazy. We were seated immediately for our party of six.

They have a great lunch menu, with lots of good deals. Full plates for about $6. I thought they would be smaller portions so I actually ordered two. Not a smart move, as I probably just ate half of each. So much food.


I ordered the Com Tam with Broken Rice which comes with pork chops, egg pie, shredded pork, and pork rinds, and I added a fried egg on top for good measure.


I also ordered the Grilled Steamed Rolls which come with Grilled Pork, with steamed rice paper rolls. I preferred these over the pork chop with broken rice. The pork chop was good, don’t get me wrong, but I just like rice rolls more. The grilled pork was tender, and the rice rolls were nice and soft with their wonderful fish sauce. I also liked the shredded pork rind that came with the broken rice. It was texturally a tiny bit different than what I’m used to, but still chewy. This is one of the few chewy Asian foods that I don’t mind eating.


My other friends ordered the Tamarind Tree Rice, Duck Salad, and Spring Rolls.


I really liked the duck salad.The duck was very tender and juicy, and came with a nice slaw of cabbage, carrot, fresh herbs, and pickled onions with an awesome ginger sauce. The salad was so light and refreshing.


The Springs Rolls are my friends favourite, and I agree. They were deep fried with a nice crisp, slightly thicker skin, and nice pork filling inside. They were better than any other Vietnamese spring roll I’ve had in Metro Vancouver.


I still can’t believe how cheap the lunch specials are. There are lots of other items on the menu that I still want to try.

Tamarind Tree
1036 S Jackson St
Seattle, WA

(206) 860-1404


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    best spring rolls ever!