Swiss Bakery, a nice break from chain Bakeries.

I really wish I wrote this review earlier so everyone can also enjoy their awesome Christmas special baked goods. Sorry guys.

I first had Swiss bakery‘s Christmas Stollen and gingerbread man at a house party. I’m never really big on Christmas desserts, but I really liked the Christmas stollen. The stollen is very dense, but moist. It is like a fruit cake except so much better. They certainly didn’t skimp out on the fruit ingredients they put in there, as the stollens only come in 1lb, or 2 lbs loaves. That’s serious bread business. I look forward to have them again next Christmas.

I decided to pay a visit to the bakery a few days later to pick up some bread and baked goods for my own Christmas dinner. Like always, when I visit a bakery, I left with more than I went for. I got the stollen, and the gingerbread man, and I also picked up their very famous Pretzels. They sell these everyday, but sells out really fast. I was in luck that there were only 2 left when I got there, I brought both of the home. These pretzels are a little funny looking compared to the regular ones, but they were good, and soft. The amount of salt on top was just enough. I like.

I still really want to go back to try other European bread products there because I’ve heard a lot of good things about this place. Also, they’ve just came out with Valentine’s day specials, I’ll make sure I’ll do a review on them before Valentine’s day this time.

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Swiss Bakery
143 3rd Ave E
Vancouver, BC V5T 1C7
(604) 736-8785

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  • nammerik

    That was one tasty stollen! I wish they had more, I want another one RIGHT NOW!