Sushimoto was a restaurant that I frequently visited back in my university days. I had kind of forgotten about this place until a friend of mine asked if we can explore good Japanese restaurants in Burnaby. I immediately thought of Sushimoto.

My trip to Sushimoto certainly did not disappoint. The food quality was as good as I had remembered from my last visit two years ago. We really wanted to try a bunch of new dishes. So we ended up ordering: Oyster motoyaki, daily assorted sashimi, small hot sake, udon salad, uwagame, aburi moto negitoro sushi , avocado-salmon roll, fresh oyster, bbq ika, mad for garlic gyoza, and seared tai flower.

The oyster motoyaki was baked in a nice creamy mayonnaise-based sauce and I really enjoyed it. Most restaurants tend to serve the oysters on the shells. However, our oysters arrived in small dishes instead. The fresh oysters were also delicious and sweet, the addition of spinach in the the motoyaki was nice too. I would recommend both styles to try for any oyster-lovers.

The daily assorted sashimi dish was beautifully presented, but the portion was also very small. So in comparison, Sushimoto is relatively more expensive than the typical Japanese restaurant. Our sashimi dish came with salmon, tuna, tai, and hokkigai. I was most impressed with the hokkigai sashimi. I don’t usually order it because I don’t like the super tough, rubbery, and chewy texture of hokkigai. To my surprise, hokkigai here was very nicely (thinly) cut, and was softer, sweeter, and less chewy. I certainly enjoyed the daily assorted sashimi dish despite the high price tag.

The bbq ika was a disappointment. It was not very flavourful either. I also expected more garlic flavour from the mad for garlic gyoza. The goyza’s were okay and reminded me of the package ones that I could buy from T & T supermarket. If I could change my order, I would probably remove these two items.

The hot sake and uwagame were both pretty typical. Again the portions were smaller here. I really liked the seared tai flower, which was a dish of seared, thinly sliced red snapper with green onions and ponzu sauce. The udon salad included assorted fish, tofu and vegetables. The avocado-salmon roll was nicely done and came with a thin layer of rice. My favourite dish that night was the aburi moto negitoro sushi. it was so good that I ended up ordering another round.

The raw dishes here are definitely better than the cooked dishes. Food here not only looked good, but also tasted great. I would come back here again.

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102-2201 Holdom Ave
Burnaby, BC

(604) 293-2201

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  • dee

    jelly.. bring me! I want to try some secret places, though 419 votes on Urbanspoon isn’t so secret 😛

  • Cathy

    I really want to go back here dee. I’m hungry just looking at these photos!!! Aburi moto negitoro sushi~!!

  • dee

    I looked at the menu and found out I can’t go lol. Was going to go last week, but went to Anton’s instead