Sushi Village

Sushi Village is one of the more popular restaurants in Whistler. It’s always packed, and you often have to wait or make a reservation during the weekends. On our fourth Whistler snowboarding trip in the past year, we finally got to try it out.

Some friends had already tried it in the summer, and said it was good, but there are plenty of better sushi restaurants in Vancouver, so don’t expect to be too amazed. The prices are higher than average, as it is Whistler Village. I ordered Beef Tataki, KFC Roll, and Tangy Agedashi Tofu. The beef tataki was very tender, but found the sauce to be a bit lacking in flavour. It came with green onions, and a spicy orange spread, but it wasn’t as spicy as I hoped to add a kick. The KFC roll has crisp chicken karaage chunks wrapped in seaweed and rice and topped with strips of avocado. I liked how the chicken was kept nice and crisp, and the avocado was nice and ripe. The sauce added a sweet saltiness, so you didn’t need extra soy sauce. The agedashi tofu came on a sizzling hot teppan pan on a bed of bean sprouts. The tofu was crisp and tangy and the seaweed sheets added salty flavour.

Overall the food was pretty good, but I did definitely have better Japanese food in Vancouver. I found the flavours to be a bit more muted. It probably is still the best choice in Whistler though. It’s very popular, and packed with lots of people.

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Sushi Village
4272 Mountain Square
Whistler, BC

(604) 932-3330

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