Sushi Tengoku in Surrey

I saw that a new Japanese restaurant had opened up where Anducci’s used to be on 152nd St in Surrey. I wanted to check it out, but the reviews on DineHere were pretty bad back in January. I checked on UrbanSpoon today and it turns out that it’s getting better – 80%. Sadly they don’t have a website for me to check their menu.

I got to the restaurant and was quickly greeted and seated. It was a bit odd at my table though as I saw metal chop sticks, is this place Korean? I think so, because it didn’t sound like Japanese when they spoke to each other. Anyways, I browsed through the menu and I noticed the prices are very expensive!

I ordered the Chicken Teriyaki Don ($7.99), Chicken Katsu Roll ($5.99), Tamago Nigiri ($1.25) and Inari ($1.25). My Chicken Teriyaki don surprisingly came first, and it seemed quite small. There were about 6 slices of chicken on top of beansprouts and carrots which were on top of rice. My first bite wasn’t very good, as the chicken was slightly burnt, however the rest of my bowl was really good. The teriyaki sauce was nice and a bit sweet, but not too much. The chicken was pretty tender still, and the rice was cooked well.

I was really excited to see the Chicken Katsu Roll. They also had a Pork Katsu Roll, and I’ve never seen these two at any other places so I had to try it. It was basically like your standard chicken teriyaki rolls, but it came with breaded fried chicken. It also came with some sauce, and some cucumbers and lettuce, and topped with toasted and black sesame seeds. The chicken was cooked really well and it was nice and crispy! The only complaint I had about this roll was that it may have been too small. To get 6 pieces, they had to cut some of them pretty thin that they were hard to keep in together when picking it up. My chicken often fell out. It was really good though.

My Tamago was less than awesome, as it didn’t have much flavour to it, and not the sweetness that I’m used to and really like. It wasn’t like it was just fried egg, as it had a hint of something else, but not strong enough. The Inari was also less than awesome. They just used half a tofu pocket. The ginger was also very very spicy.

My friend ordered his favourite Chirashi don which was $16.99. The chirashi don was only $9.99 at Maguro, so this is very pricey. He had to try it though. it came with tamago, roe, salmon, a couple different types of tuna, octopus, some weird thingy, and a whole shrimp served on top of rice and daikon. It was really good, a little better, and a little more, but not worth almost double the Chirashi at Maguro. The few things he would change is that the he would leave the tamago as one piece instead of cutting it into small cubes. He also wished it had unagi.

He also ordered the Spicy Yellow Tai Roll which was $7.99. This looked really good as it was a deep fried roll with red snapper and cream cheese. It was different but really good.

Now what was so expensive? Besides the $17 Chirashi don, a lot of the special rolls were over $12. Kind of unheard of being that this place was in Surrey and not Downtown.

That being said, the service was really good. They often came by to refill our tea and asked how we were doing, and even asked if I was cold. It seemed like whoever was free would check up on us to see if everything was OK. I think in total 4 of them came up to refill our tea or checked up on how everything was. I like this place, but the prices are a bit too high for your everyday sushi place. I’d recommend it, but only once in a while.

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Sushi Tengoku
10194 152 St
Surrey, BC

(604) 584-9878

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Note: One funny thing is that on the menu by the Sushi it had two columns.. Roll and Corn.. It took me a quite a while to figure out what that meant. Corn? Sushi? What?… I’m guessing they mean Cone lol.