Splitz Grill in Whistler

Splitz Grill is another one of the places I have yet to try (I haven’t even tried the one in Vancouver). After a day of boarding, we got some hamburgers at Splitz to get our energy back. I ordered the lamb burger because our friend Andy said it’s his favourite. The rest of us ordered the Splitz Burger. Each of ours were different though because you can customize it in many different ways.

I added cheese and mushrooms for an extra $1 each to my lamb burger, and also make it a combo with fries and a drink. When you order from Splitz you can choose your bread (I chose white), and you can pick your different toppings. They have a board right above where they top your food to help you out. I just asked what was good with the lamb burger, and he said Baba ganoosh, and tzatziki would go well, so I trusted him. I added some lettuce, tomato, red onion and sprouts to top it off. I took a seat, and a few minutes later my burger and fries were done cooking. My burger was a good size, and juicy. It was well seasoned and didn’t have a gamey flavour at all. The mushrooms were thinly and sliced but still added texture and flavour. The mushrooms were a bit cold though. I wish that the bun was warmed up a bit too. The fries were nice and crisp with a soft inside. Nicely fried.

Our friends ordered the most popular, which is the Splitz Burger and topped it with different things. One friend liked it a lot, and really enjoyed the Splitz sauce. The other just thought it was OK. The sweet potato fries were also really delicious, although they looked burnt (and some were). They were crisp and seasoned well. Wished they came with some sort of aioli though.

It can get pretty expensive, as my burger combo was $14 (after tax). A combo without any additional toppings is $10.50 (before tax)

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Splitz Grill
4369 Main St
Whistler, BC

(604) 938-9300


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