Soy House, Bellingham

It was another “find something to eat in Bellingham” evening. Our first thought was to go to downtown Bellingham, but we turned to Yelp and found Soy House instead when we couldn’t find parking downtown.

Soy house is located near Bellis fair mall, in its own complex, so parking is no problem there. Because we can get really good Vietnamese food here in Vancouver, we did question how legit this place was going to be. There are quite a few interesting dishes here including Vietnamese pizza and lobster pho. Just to sample what the food like is here, we ordered 4 dishes to share. In our bellies that night were medium rare beef pho, lemongrass pork vermicelli, vietnamese pancake, and a BBQ pork pizza.

There are no rare beef pho here. Needless to say you also won’t find tripe, tendon, and all these inner goodies in their pho. We got a boring medium rare beef steak pho. The broth was quite nice, but a little salty. This was much better than I had anticipated.

The lemongrass pork vermicelli was delicious. The pork was tender, nicely marinated, the vegetable toppings were fresh. It was a tasty and authentic.

The Vietnamese pancake was different from what restaurants in Vancouver serve. The batter wasn’t just egg, but was also a bit sweet. It inside it had bean sprouts and some carrots. I found this a bit greasy.

Last but not least, pizza. Yes, pizza in a Vietnamese restaurant. They must be good because they even have their own clay pizza oven. And indeed our BBQ pork pizza was delicious. What made the pizza so awesome was their cilantro pesto. The pesto was light, creamy, a perfect compliment to the BBQ pork. It tastes like a Vietnamese dish, and it tasted like a pizza. I will be coming back for this for sure.

Soy house’s Vietnamese food was a pleasant find given that it’s located in Bellingham. It sounds funny, but yes I went to a Vietnamese restaurant, and I ordered pizza, and it was super tasty. ┬áMmm cilantro pesto, best pizza sauce ever.

Soy House
414 W Bakerview Rd
Bellingham, WA

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