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On our 1 hour drive to Napa, I had two places that I wanted to try. Thankfully my friends were up for it. The first stop was just 5 minutes away from the bridge. That got my friends worried that we’d be eating again 5 minutes after we left the first place. Luckily this was about 20 mins away, which we made into about 45 mins because we went for a drive to the Muir Woods.

Wasn’t sure what to expect from Sol Food besides knowing that it was Cuban. After Buckeye Roadhouse, I was glad going into Sol Food. It was very colorful like lots of Latin American restaurants. You ordered your food at the cashier, and find a spot to sit. I’m not that big of a fan of this idea, because how about if you have no where to sit? Luckily a table cleared right after I ordered my food.

I quickly looked at the menu, and just ordered a Cubano sandwich. My friends ordered some really good drinks, and a soup. Later on in the meal, I forced my friends to order some of the desserts so I can try it too. My Cubano sandwich took less than 10 minutes to come out. It was packed with ingredients – roasted pork, ham, mustard, pickles, and a few other ingredients that I couldn’t pick out. It was delicious nonetheless. The Cubano has a really unique mix of flavours and it works. I probably would’ve preferred a little bit less mustard.

I tried some of my friends soup – Caldo de Pollo con Fideos – which is their version of a Chicken Noodle Soup. It had little noodles, chicken, carrots, potatoes, and served with rice, avocado and a toston. The chicken was very tender and the broth was quite light. Not sure if the noodles added much because it was also served with rice, and the noodles were really skinny. I didn’t like the toston, I didn’t like the texture, as it kind of seemed stale and it was kind of bland.

For dessert, we got the coconut-mango pudding and a flan. Of the two I liked the flan more. It was a bit denser, and it had a nice coconut custard taste and a sweet caramel sauce. The pudding was mostly coconut pudding with and topped with a mango syrup.

I’d definitely come back for a bite to eat. Given that our previous meal was just 45 minutes prior, I didn’t get to fully check out the menu, and I’m sure I would’ve wanted to try more if I was hungrier.  The staff was very friendly. They also do take out and delivery.

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Sol Food
732 4th St
San Rafael, CA

(415) 451-4765

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  • beipas

    The limeade was so yummy! I loved that drink.

    I wish I was hungry for this place because a lot of the items looked tasty. I also really like the atmosphere, super relaxed, open area.