Smuggler’s Inn, Good Steak in Cowtown

We went to Smuggler’s Inn on the recommendation on a couple people we know in Calgary as a good place to go for good Alberta Beef. We got there and were seated instantly. The decor is very dark, and they had what a called “King” chairs because it was really thick-heavy wood chairs.

Included with each entree is the soup and salad bar. The salad bar came with a bunch of different salads. You could make your own green salad with lots of different toppings and dressings, but there was also Greek salad, pasta salad, chick pea salad, potato salad, and fruits, among others. Sadly, the different salads weren’t labeled, and I may have eaten a pasta salad with canned tuna in it. After I tasted it, it seemed a bit off, so I stopped eating it. Good thing is that I didn’t feel any allergic reaction to it. Beipas thought it was a bit fishy too.

I also grabbed some Steak soup, which was a pretty bad. It honestly tasted like Chef Boyardee tomato sauce (Beipas agreed) with a few strands of meat in there. I didn’t have more than a few spoonfuls of this. Another turn off was that the dishes and utensils were dirty. When I grabbed a spoon for my soup, I picked up 3 before I found one without any residue on it. Some of the plates for the salad bar were dirty too. Beipas said the Clam Chowder was pretty good.

I ordered the Parmesan-Garlic Crusted Filet ($31.95) with a stuffed potato (+$2). This was an 8 oz filet topped with a parmesan-garlic crust and wrapped in bacon. The steak was cooked to a perfect medium rare, and a lot more tender and juicy than it looked. The crust just added a little bit of extra of flavour but just a little bit, and a little bit of crunch. The garlic flavour wasn’t very strong. The stuffed potato was awesome, as it had green onions and bacon mixed in before it was rebaked. The crust was nice and crispy, and the inside tasted awesome and had a smooth consistency. It was also served with some roasted carrots and parsnips, and a cheese stuffed pepper with a little kick to it.

Beipas ordered the Smuggler’s Cut Prime Rib (12 oz.) for ($26.95) with buttermilk mashed potatoes. Beipas really enjoyed the steak. Really juicy. Really tender. There was a nice lining of fat around the edges and in between parts of the meat. It came with some Yorkshire pudding, which was a bit dry to me. I thought I really liked this as a kid, but maybe not.

For dessert we ordered the Pecan Pie. The filling was good, but the crust was not so great, and was really tough to cut through. It came with a scoop of ice cream and some whip cream, that was melting away.

Beipas enjoyed her food more than I would and would give it a 4/5, but my food wasn’t as good as hers (and I noticed some dirty utensils), thus the 3.5/5. Overall the prices are similar to what you would pay for at the Keg, but you also get access to an AYCE soup and salad bar. Overall the service was good. Our waitress let me try a couple of the wines before I made my decision on a Shiraz, and also called a cab for us to get to the airport.

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Smuggler’s Inn
6920 Macleod Trail S
Calgary, AB

(403) 253-5355

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  • beipas

    prime rib was yummy. I liked it a lot. It was super tender. Pecan pie was good too but it was really sweet, sweeter than the ice cream.

  • doug

    next time, go to Quincy’s on 7 Av downtown. consistently the best steak I’ve ever eaten, in Calgary or anywhere else.