Slanted Door, SF

Slanted Door is a Vietnamese restaurant located in the financial district of San Francisco. Knowing it’s Vietnamese, I was expecting a small restaurant. But once we got there, this was like a 1200 sqf. restaurant and it was packed with people.

We got there at 6pm, and we were able to get a table for 6 however, we only had an hour to eat because the restaurant needed the table back at 7pm. This beats waiting for 40mins – an hour.

Since we only had an hour, our food came out extra fast. We started off with half a dozen oysters. There were 3 different types of oysters, they were all very fresh and very nice.

All the dishes are family style. We ordered Chicken Claypot, bok choy with baby shitaki mushrooms, beef tartar, and hue rice dumplings to share. One person also ordered a bowl of sweetcorn and dungeness crab soup.

They were pretty good at bringing all the dishes at once together to the table. First thing I noticed was the serving size, they were small for family style and the price tag!

The hue rice dumplings were filled with mung beans and it was served with spicy soy sauce and scallions. It reminded me of perogies because of the texture of the mung bean. It was very much like mashed potatoes in a rice dumping wrap.

The Chicken Claypot was the favorite amoungst the table. It was very flavorful. The ginger was a really nice accent of the dish a long with fresh cilantro.

Everyone also really enjoyed the beef tartar. I remembered it to be really refreshing. It had a very distinct lime taste.

I also liked the bok choy and shitaki mushrooms. It was a nice light vegetable dish that was not too oily.

Half way through or meal a mystery is appeared on our table. It was a plate of sweetcorn. We didn’t order this dish, but it somehow made it to our waiter’s order sheet. We ate it any way because we needed the extra dish, and the waiter was too busy roaming between tables to tables.

With only 1 hour to eat, we still managed to get vietnamese coffees after our meal. The cold coffees all came pre-made, but the warm ones came with coffee drips. There was A LOT of condensed milk at the bottom of the warm coffees. I made the mistake of stirring it all together and it made the coffee super sweet and less enjoyable.

Overall the dishes were good, but not amazing. I do think it’s over priced for the amount of food you get.

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Slanted Door
1 Ferry Building
San Francisco, CA 94111

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  • vivian

    I completely agree with your experience. I had high expectations before coming here since it received a Michelin star designation. It was definitely overpriced, maybe you’re paying for the decor! I think we have pretty good viet food in van city:)