Sift Cupcake and Dessert Bar

I heard about Sift Cupcake and Dessert Bar from a new friend that we were travelling with on our trip to San Francisco and Napa Valley. She saw them win an episode of Cupcake Wars on FoodTV, so we had to try it. This was basically our last stop on the way home to Vancouver. Good thing it was open at 10AM that morning. We actually also went to Bouchon Bakery at 8AM, so we dropped by to check it out and have a snack.

I’ll be honest, I actually do like cupcakes – especially ones with caramel and chocolate – like the Caramela at Cupcakes. It’s my favourite. So when we got to Sift, I immediately looked for one, but didn’t find any. My friend asked what I wanted, and I just requested caramel. Luckily, they were just making some in the back and about to bring them out. I got a candy apple cupcake (not sure what it’s really called). It was decorated like an apple – on top of the vanilla cupcake, was really thick and sticky caramel, and then icing, and then green sugar. It also had a pretzel on top as the stem. Really nice decoration! The cake was really moist, but the caramel was way to thick and sticky for my liking. With each bite, you’d get a long string coming from the cupcake to your mouth if you didn’t bite all the way through. I prefer my caramel to be runnier, and inside the cupcake like a caramela. This was messy, but pretty tasty.

I heard the pink champagne was delicious, as well as the red velvet. My friends really liked the cake batter, as it was airy and moist. Another good thing is that the frosting wasn’t rock hard like some places, but then again we went right when they opened, so they were very fresh. They also sell other things like butter cookies with butter cream.

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Sift Cupcakes & Dessert Bar
3816 Bel Aire Plz
Napa, CA

(707) 240-4004

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  • beipas

    their red velvet is so moist and just got enough density and sweetness, it’s the best one i’ve had ever.

  • Janet

    The key lime cupcake was the best I’ve had too. It was a bit heavy on the icing but after wiping off half of it, it was perfect.