Shake Shack

Shake Shack is an awesome New York burger joint. All of my friends who have visited love it. It’s not the cheapest, but it’s the best fast food that I’ve had, although waiting almost 15 minutes isn’t very fast. The place is always busy.

I actually visited Shake Shack twice on my trip. The first time, was around 1PM on Friday (our first NYC meal), and the line up was out the door even though the rain was coming down hard. I ordered a single Smokestack Burger, Cheese Fries, and a Caramel Shake which came out to about $16, so it’s not very cheap. The burger was awesome, and very different, with a distinct red pepper relish that added very nice spice. The burger was topped with cheese, and bacon too. Every part of the burger was delicious, but the red pepper made all the difference for me.

The fries were airy and crisp, and the cheese was nice and melted. When it cooled down, it got a bit grainy though. The ridges help trap in more cheese sauce. The milkshake was just OK though. I guess I kind of asked for it because it was laced with caramel, and it was way too sweet for my liking.

On my last night, I had to try the Shroom Burger, which uses a Portabello mushroom stuffed with muenster and cheddar cheese, and then breaded and fried. This was awesome too, and I’d say it’s a little bit better than the regular burger, just because it was different. I wouldn’t complain about either burger though. The mushroom was tender inside, but still had a nice texture, and the cheese just leaked out with each bite. The breading added a nice light crunch. Love it!

There are tons of locations in Manhattan, so make sure you give it a try if you like burgers.

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Shake Shack
300 W44th
New York, NY

(646) 435-0135

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