Shady Tree Pub, Squamish

On our last annual Whistler trip we were told about awesome wings in Squamish that were world famous. We made sure we visited it this time on our way up to Whistler. There’s a big sign on the building that says World Famous.

They don’t have a huge amount of flavours, which is usually a good thing. I like my basic flavours anyways. Make’s it a no brainer. Just give me my wings and some beer.

I decided to go for the Buffalo and the Suicide. You can actually get two flavours with one order, which is a good thing. From what I recall it was about $12 for an order of wings. I was warned that it was hot, but not crazy hot that I would have to sign a waiver. ┬áThe wings were a decent size – they weren’t tiny, and they had a nice crisp to it. The Buffalo was pretty standard – tangy, with a bit of spice. I like it because it doesn’t make me reach for a drink after every bite, but still has a bit of heat.

The suicide didn’t taste super spicy at first, but it creeps in on you. You can feel the heat coming, but surprisingly doesn’t make you suffer. A drink here and there was good, it did make me sweat though. I probably wouldn’t order it again, as the buffalo has a good flavour and heat.


My friend ordered Teriyaki and Honey Garlic and the Teriyaki is just way too salty, it kind of ruins the other flavours. I would stay away from this flavour. The honey garlic was decent. Sweet and savoury, but not the best. Merlin’s is definitely a lot better.



Overall this place is pretty good. But not nearly as good as the wings we get at Merlin’s on the Blackcomb side after a day of boarding. Nothing can beat those.

Shady Tree Pub
40456 Government Rd
Squamish, BC

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