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Do you love eating meat? If you answered yes, and if you’re around Kirkland, WA, you should definitely visit Secret Garden Restaurant. Secret Garden Restaurant is an all you can eat Korean BBQ house. It is located in a semi-remote place, and it looks like a Mexican restaurant on the outside.

We visited Secret Garden on a Sunday for lunch. The restaurant was really empty at lunch time. We were the only ones in there the whole time (appearntly it gets really busy for dinner), but we didn’t really mind we were the only ones there. There was no menu, the waitress/owner came and asked what kind of meats we wanted, we simply answered: everything. A minute later, the waitress was out with 8 different kinds of appetizers included kimchi, sprouts, potatoes, lotus root, etc. And then about 5 minutes later, she came back with a plate with a mountain of meat on it. I think that plate weights about 5-6 pounds. She also brought out some lettuce leaves and a peanut sauce.

The lady started putting all the meet on the grill, and I thought that was it, but she stood there the whole time cooking the first batch of meat for us. After it was cooked, she took a lettuce wrap, put some meat dipped in sesame sauce, rice, some appetizers, and peanut sauce, and wrapped everything up, and told us this is how to eat it. It was pretty cool, I’ve never had Korean BBQ and eat it as lettuce wraps before. After the demonstration, she left us to do our own thing.

The meats were really tasty. Even though they were all piled up together, each of them had their own marinade, and unique taste. They were all really tender, my favorite were the short ribs, those were mega delicious.

Between the 4 of us, we barely finished the plate of meat she brought out. There were a lot of meat there, meat lovers, you will definitely be satisfied with this place. I really liked this place, because it was one of those non pretentious places that serves good food. They didn’t have the fanciest decor, and they used free mugs they got from other companies for our tea. I really liked how the lady cooked for us in the beginning, kind of weird having her standing there the whole time first, but wasn’t awkward at all; not sure if she does the same thing for other diners at dinner though.  And the damage, $15 dollars per person.

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Secret Garden Restaurant
21025 Hwy 99
Lynnwood, WA 98036
(425) 771-5546

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  • Kristi

    This is in Lynnwood, WA not in Kirkland. But I agree, I love this place! Dinner is more expensive, around $25 per person.