Screen Door

Screen Door is a really popular restaurant and we had to wait about an hour on a Sunday night. They serve Southern food, something that we aren’t too familiar with, but are really interested in trying. They don’t have much of these types of restaurants in Vancouver, so we were really excited to try the food.

I wanted to order a lot from the menu, but I went for the Smoked and BBQ’d beef brisket. Most of the brisket was amazing. Smokey, with an awesome BBQ sauce, and it was very tender with nice marbling of fat, and almost melted in your mouth. Some pieces were a little bit dryer though. It was served with crispy fried onions and some bacon potato salad.

The best dish at this place was definitely the fried chicken though. It’s the best fried chicken we’ve ever had. Boneless, buttermilk battered fried chicken was perfect. Nicely seasoned and crisp batter, then the moistest chicken inside. They probably brined it before hand because it was so tender and juicy. The chicken was served with mashed potatoes, collard greens, and some gravy.

Our table also ordered some Fried Okra, which was not very good. Im not a big fan of Okra to begin with, but I was glad that the sliminess was gone. Still not fond of the overall taste though. Even our friend who likes okra didn’t like this dish. The Low Country Shrimp and Grits were a lot better than I thought. Usually not a big fan of grits, but they made adjustments to add some taste to it with the cheese. It came with pork belly and shrimp. If you want to try a bunch of the sides, you can order the Screen Door Plate, which is your choice of 3 of the sides and a slice of cornbread. Honestly the cornbread was a disappointment, as it was very dry, and not sweet or buttery. The macaroni and cheese was awesome though. Very rich and cheesy the way I like it. It had a nice crispy cheesy top which is my favourite part. When it started cooling it did get a little bit gritty though. The jambalaya was so good too, and our favourite quickly devoured it. She loved it.

For dessert, we were all stuffed, but I convinced them to share a Ban-offee Pie. They really go big here, on all their desserts. The pie had a shortbread and pecan crust, layered with caramel and bananas and topped with whip cream. Loved it all. It wasn’t overly sweet, and everything just worked well with the flavours and textures.

I totally recommend going to this place just for the fried chicken. Best we’ve ever had.

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Screen Door
2337 E Burnside
Portland, OR

(503) 542-0880

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  • beipas

    the BEST fried chicken ever!!