Save on Meats

Finally I made it to Save on Meats after hearing so many praises about it. I stopped by here for a very late lunch with a couple friends and we sort of went nuts on ordering because we were all really hungry.

I ordered the Meat Loaf while the rest of the table got the Grilled Cheese, Burger, Meaty Chili, Pasta, and an all day breakfast. We also shared the pudding and the Knickerbocker dessert.

The meat loaf was really old school and delicious. It came with mashed potato, peas and carrot. The gravy was smothered all over the meat loaf, and it wasn’t too salty.  My other favorite was the gooey and buttery Grilled Cheese.

A friend of mine always raves about their meaty chili, and it was indeed quite yummy. The chili had a lot of ingredients, but it didn’t have the thick consistency of a chili that I’m used. I liked it, but to be honest, I probably like the herby biscuit that came with the chili more.

As for the desserts, the chocolate pudding was quite hard. The knickerbocker was a sundae with vanilla ice cream, raspberries, fudge, strawberry sauce, almonds and whipped cream. For the most part this dessert was quite good, some parts of the ice cream had a freezer burn taste.

We all enjoyed our meal here. The atmosphere was very laid back and the staff were friendly. This was a good place to get cheap traditional diner food in the neighbourhood.

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Save on Meats
43 W Hastings St
Vancouver, BC V6B

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