The Salt Lick Bar-B-Que, Austin Airport

I was told by a few people to check out Salt Lick Bar-B-Que, however there was none close to where I was staying. They have quite a few locations in Austin, so I decided to try it at the airport on my way home.

I was told by another friend that Salt Lick isn’t that great. Definitely not a top Texan BBQ, but it’s decent. I heard they offer all you can eat, so if you just want to stuff yourself with meat, it might be the place to go. My friend compared it to Memphis Blues. Not that great, but decent, and fairly affordable.

Since this is airport food, this might not be as good as what they serve at the actual Salt Lick BBQ restaurants. Anyway, I chose the brisket and sausage for about $13, and it came with a mini loaf of white bread, potato salad, and beans.


The brisket was doused in their BBQ sauce. It wasn’t that tender, but it also wasn’t nearly dry. The sauce kept it very moist. There wasn’t much fat content either, though there was a couple of pieces. The sausage was snappy, and flavourful.

The food I tried can’t compare to Mueller’s, or even the taste at Lambert’s, though Lambert’s isn’t worth the price. That being said, it is airport food, so you can’t expect that much from a stall right? You can buy their sauces, and even a whole brisket for $60-ish to take home.

The Salt Lick Bar-B-Que
3600 Presidential Blvd
Austin, TX

(512) 858-4959

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