Saffron Indian Cuisine

Saffron Indian Cuisine is the go to place for our department if there’s something to celebrate – birthdays, employment anniversaries, maternity leaves, etc.  It’s right across the street from our office, and has probably the best Indian buffet I’ve had. It costs around $13 after tax during lunch time.

In the year and a bit that I’ve worked at my current job, I’ve eaten here probably half a dozen times now, and the buffet changes quite a bit day to day with a few select staples that are always there – such as saag paneer, and butter chicken. There’s usually a good selection of saucy beef, lamb, and chicken dishes, and vegetable dishes.

The start of the line has some greek salads, yogurts, and desserts. The further down the line you go, you’ll get your rice, the vegetables, and finally meats. The last time I went they had a new thing called bread pakora. It was crispy and kind of airy. Basically fried, battered bread. Definitely a filler. They also had small samosas this time, which are different from what they normally sell. They don’t have the same wrapper – not as crisp and crunchy, and not as fluffy inside. My favourite is of course the butter chicken, but most of the other saucy meat dishes are good as well.

I’ve never been disappointed here, but I usually leave with a really full stomach (and I want to sleep the rest of the day at work). I only eat two plates, but it’s really filling. They do a really good job of getting new food out there when it runs low, and also with providing lots of naan at your table.

They also own the Pizza Factory which is attached, you can also order samosas from them, but it’s kind of expensive at about $1 each.

Saffron Indian Cuisine
4300 Kingsway
Burnaby, BC

(604) 436-5000

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