Red Tuna Sushi & Noodle Cafe

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I stumbled upon Red Tuna because it was the closest Japanese restaurant that was open on a Sunday I could find in Marpole area. The restaurant is really small with only a couple tables and a bar for seating. 

The 3 of us ordered quite a bit of food and mostly just sushi rolls. The regular sushi rolls such as the spicy tuna, and negitoro were pretty good, but for their special rolls such as the Dragon roll, the Happiness roll, and Mango roll were not so good. I wasn’t much of a fan of for those rolls because I felt like the chef tried to do much. There were too much ingredients being shoved into a roll, that didn’t make the sushi rolls taste refreshing like it should be. The mango roll turned out to be a one note sweet roll.

Besides the food, the service was quite slow. Sure there was only 1 chef, but still, we were the first of the 2 tables that were in the restaurant. Props for the presentation but for food wise, I was quite disappointed.

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Red Tuna Sushi & Noodle Cafe
8273 Granville St
Vancouver, BC V6P4Z6

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