Ra Sushi

After being hungover, me and my brother decided to go shop for a bit at Fashion Show Mall. We needed to eat so we decided on something that would be quick and close, and we found Ra Sushi. The interior is nicely decorated, but with dark red lights (I had a very hard time taking pics). And they play pretty good music. The food isn’t nearly up to par with Japanese food in Vancouver though. For Las Vegas, and for a mall restaurant, I’m not so sure though.

My brother and I weren’t that hungry but knew we had to eat something. Nothing on the menu really stood out, but I ordered the chicken yaki soba, and an avocado roll, while my brother ordered a chicken teriyaki with a California Roll.

My yakisoba was very salty. It had a good amount of vegetables, and some chicken, but the noodles weren’t very good. Overall the dish was very mediocre, and all I really tasted was salt. The avocado roll was not that good either, as it wasn’t as buttery as it should be – a bit firm. The rice was cooked well though. My brother didn’t enjoy his meal either, and the sushi was far from what we can get in Vancouver.

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RA Sushi
3200 Las Vegas Blvd S #1132
Las Vegas, NV

(702) 696-0008


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