Qui, Austin

This was the meal I was looking forward to, just because Qui belongs to the Top Chef Texas winner Paul Qui. The menu features lots of fancy takes on traditional Filipino dishes.

Honestly, I’ll admit that I didn’t watch Top Chef Texas, other than a few episodes here and there. But it was one of the top recommendations by GourmetFury. And after looking at the menu, I knew I had to go. I really was looking forward to try the bulalo and dinuguan. Love these dishes.

They don’t take reservations, so we walked there as fast as we could, and it was quite a hot walk. Again, I was sweating a lot when we got there. I’m so not used to Texas heat. I was also sad to see that Bulalo was just recently removed from the menu, as they add and remove dishes quiet often.

Dinuguan was still there though, so we definitely ordered that as well as Kinilaw, Tapa, and Marcona Almond Gazpacho.


The Kinilaw is a Amber Jack ceviche. It was very fresh, and it was a vinegary but delicious.


My favourite of the meal was the Marcona Almond Gazpacho. It was cold, and smooth. There wasn’t much soup, but it was just delicious. Such a wonderful combination of flavours with the almond gazpacho, sherry, honey, and the shaved frozen foie gras. The foie gras just melted in your mouth like butter, but way better.


The Beef Tapa was pretty similar to what I remember. It’s a dehydrated meat but served with egg yolk, kimchi, and some onions. The beef is a little tough, kind of jerky like, but it had really good flavour with the soy and vinegar marinade. I kind of prefer my Grandma’s better as she always gave me the nice fatty pieces. This was a bit dry, but still tasted good.


The Dinguan is kind of a pork stew made with pigs blood, which gives it the black color. It’s served with a nice mix of pig parts like belly and ears. This was very rich, and I don’t think the gnocchi really stands up to it. It would be a lot better over a bed of rice, but then that wouldn’t be so fancy. The dinuguan was a bit sweet, and quite thick.


For dessert we ordered the Halo Halo. I typically enjoy Mais con Yelo because I’m not that big of a fan of sweet beans and jellies, but this was really good. Probably my favorite Halo Halo. It had nice mix of seasonal fruit, jellies, and some crunchy nuts.

This was another pricey meal, but it was worth it to see how a Top Chef would make Filipino food fancy, and he did a good job, while keeping most of the familiar flavours intact. While we were finishing up we saw some other delicious meals brought to neighbouring tables, and was tempted to order more. We had to stick to a budget though.  The cocktails were delicious too.

1600 E 6th St
Austin, TX

(512) 436-9626


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